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Discover who we are: read more about the history of Crocode and its values, meet our team, and check out CrocodeTeam pictures

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Since 2010, our specialists and CEO&founder have worked in a gamedev company. We were developing big and small games, but occasionally engaged in software development. Time passed and the number of digital projects increased. In 2018, we formed a department that was not engaged in games, but in web development and e-commerce. A year later, we made a joint decision to create a separate company, as we were passionate about the idea of creating not only games, but also excellent technological products. Originally, the idea was to create high-quality code. We had clients, we did our job well, and they were satisfied. Then we realized that it's not just about good code writing. But what then? Conscientious cooperation with customers. Support for communication within the team. The pleasure of work. Search for new and interesting solutions for various industries. This is how Crocode appeared. Our story began as an initiative of a couple of people, but now we have 20 software developers working with us, who specialize in a variety of different technologies, without ceasing to grow and improve. What is Crocode for us now? This is a unique approach to each client and a constant opportunity for growth.

Our Mission, Vision & Values

Our Mission, Vision & Values

Our mission is to turn ideas into impressive digital products that change the world. Our vision is that our products will be used by millions of people around the world. Our Values: C - Continuous growth R - Reliability O - Open-minded




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How much tired eyes sometimes you notice, only after finishing hard work. Business is business, but even a ten-minute break will help both the eyes and even the memory. Rest with closed eyes has been the most obvious and accessible type of relaxation after sleep since ancient times.


Hard Skills Vs Soft Skills

When you are looking for an employee, do you think about what is more important to you — professional competencies or personal qualities? Do you need a cool specialist who will start working effectively tomorrow, but will not be able to find a common language with the team? Or do you see a sociable, self-confident newcomer in the position, the soul and heart of the team, whom you will train already in the process of work? Choose the option that is closer to you.

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What they say about us

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Dean M.


Very talented team, fantastic React skills, completed all allocated tasks on time. Would highly recommend & looking forward together in the future

2 Sep. 2020

User avatar

Igor N.


With the Crocode team's expertise, the store started loading approximately 40% faster, increasing sales conversion rates by around 25%. The team communicated effectively through Telegram and Zoom and completed the tasks on time. Their expertise on the subject stood out.

26 Nov. 2021

George M.


The site Crocode built is good-looking and fast, reducing page loading times from 10 seconds to less than half a second. The team leads a good project management process, communicating effectively and staying on budget. Their thorough consultation has stood out, inspiring confidence in the client.

2 May 2021



We really liked the way the project was managed. They have always suggested different ways to optimize the product. And these were always proven solutions that worked.

17 dec. 2022

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